For centuries, candle-makers, or chandlers as they were known, were tasked with bringing light, warmth, and comfort to the cold, dark nights. And for much of that history, candles were a valuable commodity only the wealthiest could afford. As a result, the chandlers' skills were highly prized. Over time, their innovations harnessed new ingredients and techniques to create affordable, clean-burning, and long-lasting candles for the masses as well.

Today, the art of candle-making is a multibillion-dollar industry and candles are seen as a luxury instead of a necessity. yet, while technology has found faster and cheaper ways to produce them, something has been lost - the pride, careful attention to detail, and thoughtful touches of the craftsmen of the past.
We knew we could do better, so we set out to make our own candle. A better candle. A candle artfully crafted and rooted in tradition.
With this goal in mind, we founded Aō Fragrances, where we proudly carry on the practices of the chandlers who came before us. We use high-quality ingredients: sophisticated and complex fragrance oils derived from essential oils, all-natural soy wax, and simple vessels. our candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality and performance, and carefully hand-packaged to ensure their safe arrival at your doorstep.
We invite you to try one of our candles.